Neotenia project born in 2005 but became a registred company only in 2015. In biology, The word Neotenia indicates an adult animal that keeps some of the features of its childhood, as the axolotl external gills, which instead disappear in the other amphibians. The Neotenia's mission is to improve life skills and creativity to keep alive the sense of curiosity and the aim for research from the childhood till the adulthood through media, toys and games. Our interactive products focus on modularity and emergent gameplay to let freedom to the users, while our media are designed on several levels to excite imagination both of childs and adults.


Currently Neotenia has over a dozen of projects and subprojects, but only few are usable by now:
  • Volvox, a puzzle videogame and flexibility training
  • Stories of little things, a book series for children illustrated with macro photography (today in Italian only)
Soon will be launched:
  • Metadomino, a webportal about creative photography based on the relationship of ideas, born in 2009 (today in Italian only)
  • I Fantajungla, comics, t-shirts, books based on a fantastic world full of beautiful animals
In some month we will also launch:


Sumero Lira (Claudio Lira), is born in 1988. He is graduated in control engineering at Politecnico of Milan and he personally follows the realization of all current Neotenia projects, writing, drawing and programming.

Sara Bianchini borns in 1992 and is graduated in communication design at Politecnico of Milan. She gives a priceless and professional contribution in the refinement of the producs to make them comparable with the other on the market.

Alessia Eletta Coppi borns in 1989 and is graduated in psychology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, bringing as thesis a training for the empowerment of creativity realized with Neotenia.

Serena Locati borns in 1990 and is graduated in psychology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan with a thesis on the creativity in stress management on a Neotenia product.

Simone Pagani, born in 1989, is an informatic engineering student at Politecnico of Milan. Piano apprentice since 7, is always searching for everyday sounds, to highlight the beauty of their simplicity.

Ramon Pedrini, born in 1990, is psychology student at Bicocca University of Milan. He is specialized in cognitive rehabilitation during one year spent at Tasmania University.

Awards and recognition

  • In 2012 the TTO of Politecnico of Milan patents Animodula
  • In 2013 Animodula wins the prize Switch to Product of PoliHub, enterprise accelerator of Politecnico of Milan
  • In 2014 Neotenia gets special mention at Global Game Jam of Milano for the game Synesthesia
  • In 2015 Neotenia wins the National Microsoft Imagine Cup for the game Volvox Volvox


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